Monday, April 24, 2017

National Poetry Month: Jo Podvin


 "My cells with giddy recall reel and spin"
 (Jo Podvin)

My cells with giddy recall reel and spin
Ancestral trick of photosynthesis
Dendrites have turned to fuzzy buds within
My interstitial spaces sing of this
What is not green of shoots is blue of sky
The scent of bee seduction fills the air
There is no where, no what, no who, no why
There is no past, and certainly no care
This drunken blossoming expands and grows
This blooming fills up all possible space
Here there is only yes, no room for nos
Intoxicating sweetness, hazy grace
Expanding yes, as birdsong from above
Love, then, is yes, and yes, oh yes, is love

Jo Podvin lives in Oakland, CA, and is the program manager for a small non-profit, Youth Enrichment Strategies (YES). 

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