Thursday, December 25, 2014

"A toast to 2013, without Marmite" (a poet bee)

"A toast to 2013, without Marmite" 
(a poet bee)

Time for more rhyme.

Let's make words alight
in uneven hilly lines,
some bright,
others that bite.
Together a verbal blight,
beyond the bight
of Benin.

In even silly times,
know need to cite.
Obey copyright.
If not, be contrite.

This is for your Christmas delight.
Unlike dynamite
it may not excite.
Please fight
any fright
of this pode's stupidity.
Just join our fun flight
on digital graphite
to a new height
way below serendipity.

of hope
your soul
will not ignite
without insight.
Your life's goal?
Your choice.
Pick one
then struggle on,
using a funny voice,
and kindness, like the new Pope.

Some say Jesu·it,
others, Jesu·ite.
Is either wrong?

And there once was a knight,
who had a kite
with kryptonite
that she only flew
in the light.
It might
fly at night
but no one knew
nor tried.

Oh, shite!
An oversight.
Nearly forgot the plight
of the polite
destined to be quite
quiet, even when right.
And without a rite
or money,
they'll have no respite.

Don't smite
or even slight
your government's
that has great sight
and keeps track of you.
Why not?
It may protect
against the spite
of an angry Shiite?
Such rot.

Before twilight
are these rhymes trite
or baby tight?

Untie a pode.
Meet simple dope.

Without a V,
we'll try y-less variety.

Black over white
we write
and celebrate Mandela,
an exceptional fella,
who overcame injustice
with truth and forgiveness.

Who or what is Xanite,
a god or mineral?
Who cares?

not think of burnt Yosemite,
nor have time for zeit,
for now we see,
Beetle done with it.

Merry Christmas!

("a poet bee" lives in Athens, GA. The illustration is dated November 7, 1940 with the following note: "signed by J.V. Peterson, 350 pieces, matchbook covers and cigar bands.")

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