Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Mama's Boy" (Biff Rose)

"Mama's Boy"
(Biff Rose)

When I was a little boy livin' down down in the South
Mama told me never to open my mouth
Mama told me
Mama scold me

I was just a little boy 'bout 9 or 10
Mama had alot of influence then
And she told me
Mama scold me

Mama told me when to go out and play
She even told me what to do and say, yeah

Well she must have had authority from above
She even told me who to love, yeah

When I was a little boy, twenty five or so
Well, I took a little trip to Ohio, yeah
But Mama told me

Them Yankees they done done us wrong
Mama, singing the same old song, yeah
And she scold me

Mama says times is changing fast, yeah
But she's gonna hold out to the last
But I fell in love with a pretty little thing
And I brought her a thirty-five dollar ring, yeah

Well there's one thing people that I want to lay on you
Now that I live in California
My mama told me

But the kids are growing up fine as can be
Members of a new society, yeah
My mama scold me

But when you're full of love there's nothing to fear, yeah
With an open heart and an open ear

So, to all you mothers that I love so
Trust your babies, let 'em go, yeah

"Mama's Boy" by Biff Rose appeared on his 1968 album The Thorn in Mrs. Rose's Side.

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