Friday, April 11, 2014

National Poetry Month: Wendy Videlock

"What Humans Do"
(Wendy Videlock)

The candlelit
careful screw,

the under-the-moon
shooby doo
be doo groove,

the from behind,
the sixty-nine,
the is there time,

the I need wine,
the twisted talking
dirty grind,

the Erica Jong
zipless screw,
the I-got-somethin'-

to-prove ruse,
the primal bang,
the power game,

the long play,
the itchy-ish, sudden-ish
roll in the hay,

the take me away,
the once a month
married way,

the hail mary,
the holy-joe-

my-luck hump,
the side to side
slow pump,

the grudge fuck,
the quick poke,
the hard core,

the tenderest lap
of waves on the shore,
and the gushing rushing

endless coming 
of I've never felt
this way before.

"What Humans Do" by Wendy Videlock was published in Poetry July/August 2006: the poet "would like to apologize to her mother or the poem that appears in this issue." She has published the chapbook What’s That Supposed to Mean (2010) and the full-length collections The Dark Gnu and Other Poems 7 (2013) and Nevertheless (2011).

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