Monday, April 21, 2014

National Poetry Month: Joseph B. Connolly

 Cutie Pie Snacks

"The Demise of French Fried Cutie Pies"
(Joseph B. Connolly)

Bully for bakers, bakeries and fried cream filled pies
For the delight of putting them in our mouth to swallow
For sugared donuts baked, fried and filled to the brim
With different fillings, jellies, flavors, shapes and size
Liquids, hot coffee, tea, iced lemonade to follow
Lingering sights and smells after the day grows dim
Comfort foods continue from meringues to muffins
Sweet potato curly fries and WallaWalla onion rings
Gourmet chips, garlic dips and corn dogs to stuff in
Clogging up those veins for a massive heart attack
What did you expect after eating all those things?
As the gluttonous curtain closes and fades to black
Think Moon Pie mortality and Grim Reaper song
As those rolls of fat appear before not too long

"The Demise of French Fried Cutie Pies" by Joseph B. Connolly appears online at the Saipan Tribune in a series of his poems about food in celebration of National Poetry Month. He adds: "When I heard of the demise of Hostess Twinkies I thought, “Oh no!” There goes another edible icon of my childhood. ... I’ve heard Twinkies are coming back, though, along with a chocolate drink called Yoohoo. Next I want Fudgcicles and Creamsicles—creamy frozen confections—to make a reappearance. 'The Demise of French Fried Cutie Pies' will have to do ’til then."

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