Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Alfred Jarry's work (finally) surfaces on UbuWeb

UbuWeb, the ever-growing repository of art, music, and general cultural chaos that appears to function on air alone, has announced it will feature the works of its namesake -- at last. Here's the welcome news, told with appropriate tongue-in-cheek mischief, on the website, with promises of more to come. 

Alfred Jarry Finally Appears on UbuWeb From our FAQ: Why is there no Alfred Jarry on UbuWeb? 
Answer: ;) It is our 'pataphysical joke. 
Sixteen years later, we've decided enough is enough. Hence, we've beefed up our Jarry audio archive [MP3s] with some archival Ubuesque cabaret chansons penned by Jarry and his pals, a French radio documentary on Jarry [Alfred Jarry: Introduction à la vie et l'ouvre du créateur d' Ubu Roi] and a lecture by Jarry scholar Michael Taylor of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

We've also posted the first of many film versions of Ubu Roi to come, this one directed by Jean-Christophe Averty in 1965, which is a rollicking mix of live acting and animation, all in glorious black and white. We do hope you'll forgive us. 

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