Monday, January 6, 2014

"Supplication" (John Wieners)

(John Wieners)

O poetry, visit this house often,
imbue my life with success,
leave me not alone,
give me a wife and home.

Take this curse off
of early death and drugs,
make me a friend among peers,
lend me love, and timeliness.

Return me to the men who teach
and above all, cure the
hurts of wanting the impossible
through this suspended vacuum.

John Wieners was born January 6, 1934. "Supplication" was written in 1969. Wieners was a student of the Black Mountain College and studied under fellow poets Robert Duncan, Robert Creeley and Charles Olson. When asked by an interviewer what made him unique among beat poets, he replied "They got famous. I did not."

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