Saturday, November 16, 2013

"The Stars Have Cast a Net Over You" (S.J. Grady)

"The Stars Have Cast a Net Over You"
S.J. Grady

In this matrix of harmony and dissonance
the rising and falling impulses of time --
our will steers us only within
the confines of momentum and trajectory
we produce experience in the arc of chaos and intention

So quick are we, to claim the creation of our lives
as our own
to take personally the merely incidental
that we deny the universe her authorship --
and ourselves our part in that greater being

The stars have cast a net over you
and in your struggles the whole universe shakes
we feel the tug of distant thrashing

The burning lights blink on and off
but in their twinkling, a shimmering constant

S.J. Grady lives in New Zealand. A collection of his poems, Shabby Epiphanies, was published by Nikau Press (N.Z.) in 2005. This poem originally appeared online at LitKicks, September 17, 2010.

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