Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Drift Und Drang" (Pierre Joris)

"Drift Und Drang"
(Pierre Joris)

that man-shaped tree trunk
on the rocks at lowtide
borders the narrows,
at hightide the day
before it beat its wooden
semblance on those
same rocks — the twin
branches imitating legs
submerged, the pin-
head angled up, banging
on the rocks at algae
   the twist has stayed
with me these three
days, the anthropos slowly
washed up, washed out.


“you can(’t) go it alone,” the
vagrant, vagabond, give me a
v-sign, double it to go
                   leave the medulla,
slip between pyramid &
            (the letters go
backwards) from jugular
to carotid, down down, afferent all
the way.
to count the shlup of
viscera. Lets you know
how your gut
gets its
gut feeling.

"Drift Und Drang" by Pierre Joris appears online at N/A, "a journal where nothing applies."    Joris has written more than forty books (poetry, essays and translations) while also teaching at SUNY Albany. He's translated Picasso and Kurt Schwitters into English, Kerouac and Corso, Pete Townshend and Sam Shepard into French. In 2010/2011 he published Paul Celan: The Meridian (Stanford University Press), Exile is my Trade: The Habib Tengour Reader (Black Widow Press), and The Stations of Mansur al-Hallaj (poems). And, of course, he blogs at his page, Nomadics. He translates "...Because I have to, because if I and everybody else don’t translate the world will be a way shittier place than it already is. ... "

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