Saturday, September 7, 2013

Digital Karenina: all of Tolstoy's work will be available online

The Paris Review Daily reports that the 90-volume edition of "all of Tolstoy’s works are going online. 'We wanted to come up with an official website that will contain academically justified information,' explains his great-great-granddaughter. The work on the site will have been triple-proofed by more than three thousand volunteers from some forty-nine countries."
Here's more information about the online resource from the website:
All of his novels, short stories, fairy tales, essays and personal letters will be available online for free and be downloadable in PDF, FB2 and EPUB formats, recognized by most e-book readers and computers, she said.
Tolstoy’s epics “War and Peace” and “Anna Karenina” still top most of the lists of greatest novels of all time, and his controversial views on Christianity earned him excommunication from the Russian Orthodox Church and spawned a short-lived religious movement.
Russia is a well-known haven for online pirates and copyright violators, and Tolstoy’s books were among the first to become available in online libraries in the 1990s.
Tolstoy’s works were part of the obligatory high-school curriculum in the Soviet Union and Russia. Generations of Russian students have had to read the more than 800-page “War and Peace” – with boys preferring the war and girls the peace, according to a popular saying.

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