Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Hexagram 13: T’ung Jên—Fellowship with Men": a Bingian translation at The Book of Haiku Revelation

Brion Gysin & William Burroughs
(photograph by Charles Gatewood)

"Hexagram 13: T’ung Jên—Fellowship with Men"

Dry colleagues one day
under fire: members in the
wild, involved. The world

of ambition, the
syndrome of ambition meets
the flexible door

of ambition, and
the differentiation
of classes is a

stingy road of blame
ascending the city wall
like a three-year-old

Chiang Kai-shek, like a
gentleman who is also
the trapped enemy.

Wail, attack, depress,
direct against going. The
mutual restraint

of masters is a
suburb of no regret. Laugh,
generally, first.

[Original Chinese (auto-detected as Chinese Simplified) via Bing translator]


"Hexagram 13: T’ung Jên—Fellowship with Men" appears online at The Book of Haiku Revelation. It is number 13 as part of an ongoing series, The I Bing: The Book of Exchanges, created and curated by Terry S. Kattleman. The blog is a wide-ranging exploration and manipulation of logos, meaning, interpretation and extrapolation, with a variety of texts and subtexts from Socrates to Albert Ayler.  

Kattleman offers the following by way of guide: Gysinian Haikuistics® (aka The Process™) is a constrained volitional cut-up methodology formulated by Terry S. Kattleman, Moriarty dean of the Department of Poetic Assemblage, College of Etheric Arts, Interzone University, and Chief Executive Offertory of the Society for Bingian Translational Reanalysis.

Bingian Translational Reanalysis™ is a modality of language permutation contingent upon erratic Internet translation procedures. Deus Ex Logos Machina.

Note on quote formation: Quasi-quotations, registered with the Patagonian Patent Office as Squotations™ (an e-adaptation of “misquotation”), are constructed entirely from the selected Internet quote site content of the quotee (see Incitements).

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