Friday, March 29, 2013

Athens: a poetry performance tonight as part of ecoartlab's "Climate Change: Conveying Realities"

from "Living life large"  / Mark Bromberg

While words are still written down and spoken
from stages and street-corners 
                 that speak truth to power
  there's money in the bank 
but business says it's not enough                                                                                    
there's money in the halls of Congress
but business says it's not enough
there's money in the media
but business says it's still not enough

America only gets more
it never seems to get enough
more back-room profit making 
               is not enough
  more global warming is not enough
Jumping Jack Frack telling the American people 
              it's a gas, gas, gas
but slow-motion environmental ruin 
               is still not enough 
more scientific research 
               exposing the reality of climate change
is definitely not enough
America never seems to get enough
it only gets more
more shouting in the media 
                 and more manipulation
more anonymous comments left on websites 
                  telling people to STFU
more anonymous political money 
                  from corporations 
that now have the rights of citizens 
                  is never enough

America only gets more
the country never seems to get enough
of buying power with money 
              in the halls of Congress
of bribing watchdog groups 
              with lobbyist donations
of politicians telling voters only 
             what they want to hear 
and not what they need to know
Enough never seems to be enough 
in a country that always has too much
living life large never seems to be enough

The country always wants more 
but it already has too much
This super-sized country 
                         still gets what it wants
and still never gets enough 
        of what it needs . . .

Tonight at 8 p.m., a poetry presentation will be held in conjunction with "Climate Change: Conveying Realities," the continuing ecoartlab exhibit at The Bottleworks in downtown Athens. Tonight's reading of invited poets features Word of Mouth regulars Aralee Strange and Michelle Castleberry, and UGA’s Ed Pavlic. The Bottleworks is located at 297 Prince Avenue and the entrance to ecoartlab is in the back courtyard. Doors for the poetry reading open at 7 p.m.

"Climate Change: Conveying Realities," the mixed-media exhibit curated by University of Georgia professor Chris Cuomo, is on display through April 27. 

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