Tuesday, April 10, 2012

National Poetry Month: John Roche

Before May Day
(John Roche)

Two wks in tent city
West Potomac Park
demos everyday
building towards May Third
Bring the War Home!
If the Government won't stop the War
we'll stop the Government.

We give visiting Massachusetts Congressman a pipe
when he visits our affinity group's tent; he pits it to
his lips but doesn't inhale; a coupla wks earlier, on
school trip to DC, I'd smoked dope with John Kerry's
vets on the Mall, the day after they threw their medals
over the White House fence.

Chill April night
vats of hot marijuana tea
courtesy of the Hog Farm
I partake but skip the soup & brown rice line
to crowd onto the dilapidated bus
(Gray like the police bus I'll ride soon enow)
to Seatrain concert
at elegant old theater
(Free tickets for the ragged Freak Brigade)

Balcony seat, but with the tea's effects I prefer floor
staring up
watch rococo ceiling fresco jump

to the fiddle's anarchic

John Roche lives in the Genesee River / Western Finger Lakes region of Western New York. "Before May Day" is part of his online feature, Road Ghosts, at Michael Rothenberg's Big Bridge magazine. The poet's full length print collections include On Consensus (2005) and Topicalities (2008). Both are available from Foothills Publishing.

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