Sunday, December 11, 2011

CA Conrad, from "Preternatural Conversations" at Jubilat magazine


in my
scary time
black letters
vanish in
the blue
the living
of Earth
are trees
keeping time by the thistle
to season weeds and their
sensual goals
a new kind of sparrow
shoots from my fears
chide it into a
cloud of itself
a golden needle
stitches my head to
my knee leaving me
aching along the river
STOP telling me damage can
ameliorate our lives
STOP trying to include
me in your portrait of
quietly dying poets

CA Conrad is currently embroiled in a civic tussle with the editors of Philadelphia magazine. More details are available from his page at Phillysound. This is part six of a somatic poetry exercise titled "Preternatural Conversations" originally published in Jubilat 20.

(Photo of CA Conrad at the grave of Divine by Dorothea Lasky.)

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