Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bob Brussack is featured tonight at Word of Mouth, Athens, GA

Bob Brussack is a writer, photographer, and musician living in Athens, Georgia. He retired after a career teaching law at the University of Georgia. He will be tonight's featured reader at the monthly Word of Mouth event upstairs at The Globe, in Athens, GA. As poet Paul Potts once commented, “Surely anything worth saying twice is worth listening to once." The whirligig begins at 8 p.m. and listeners are advised to bring both ears. There's bound to be something to be worth hearing twice. ...

(Bob Brussack)

What good I do,
I do willy-nilly
And here and there,
Charity in the second degree,
itated —
Except at tax time.
But there are among us —
I know one —
Devil hunters,
Sworn assassins of sorrows,
Career soldiers
In a war against the
Fallenness of the world.
Some of these — most, I expect —
Were drafted to the brigades
By the awful gravity of suffering.
Others — the one I know —
Came to the cause impelled
Not just by heart’s imperative,
But by considered judgment.
Reason, for him, required a
Vigilant, constant, inventive charity.
One needn’t believe in God
To believe in angels.

"Let's Be Honest"
(Bob Brussack)

Let's be honest.
Let's be leprechauns
Or unicorns
Or the man in the moon.
Let's crack the sternum
And transect the honesty sac
And send the contents
To pathology for revelation.
Let's hold our breath
And dive beyond knowing
Into the authentic dark
And throw a tow line
Around honesty
And winch it to the surface.
Let's be honest
About the only thing
We can be honest about.

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