Monday, May 2, 2011

Proetry, a new literary magazine, celebrates tonight in Athens

It seems the creativity just keeps happening in Athens. Proetry magazine celebrates its first issue, both in print and online (at, with a party and a reading tonight at Flicker Theatre and Bar. The magazine's editor, Julie Wells, writes that tonight's celebration will feature readings by contributors to the first issue with the party itself scheduled to run from 6 pm to 9 pm. Copies of the magazine will also be for sale at Flicker this Monday night and at poetry open mics in Athens for the next month. Here, a sample from the pages of Proetry by the editor herself, who hopes to make the magazine a regular feature for writers of all kinds.

by Julie Wells

We the people who prophesy in moonlight
seek defiance in tastings eatings food pocketbooks lines stores mouths words
websites visits blogs anarchies governments
We the people eat bullshit for breakfast for naked lunch
for supper to break our fast of streetlamps alleys dark nights holes
We read scripture holy texts Allah Yahweh Muhammad Jesus Christ
Satan TV Bibles Water Crucifixion Babies of the cross
People of the end We hear apocalyptic messages in the news
in the media in the press in the pages in the noise in the
holy rolling in the word We the people of a nation of a fool of a tendency
to lie exaggerate greedy money lie to the people We look at signs as if people
as if mad crazy Hell Heaven seven virgins seven sins Seven the film
seven yous mes you me separate seven not six not six six six not holy not Vatican
Rome Italian bakeries We the people of bread and water and sand and water
and tea and coffee and French press leaves grinds cups mugs We the people
of caffeine no sleep no time closed eyes no water no sugar but caffeine
We of fast food fast cars fast girls and boys and people and we who lie
who lie awake
who lie dreaming
who lie with opened eyes
who lie behind skulls and balls and feet
who lie awake in bed
who lie in words texts prophesies tongues touch fingers ears hearing
eyes seeing lies finding lies in midnights We meditate for compassion
for truth never find truth never look for truth meditate for peace for now
for dishes vacuums dusters laundry beds made clothes put away
We the people of mindful waking eyes open but nevertheless seeing
in the dark night vision video games 3D movies imax theaters We the people of
magicians extortionists sorcerers yogis gurus shamans doctors healers Christ
Himself We the body of people of bread and wine We all Romans all Catholics
in the highest sense of the word meaning We the Roman Catholics of Virgin Mary
candles We the Roman Catholics of poetic wastelands We the Roman Catholics
of hazelnut gelato We the people the American people the Jewish Irish Dutch Italian
Korean Native American people We the people of burning sage and megachurches
marijuana and Budweiser matzo ball soup and dolmades from diners
where they serve extra lemons with water free of charge no prix fixe
no deals here but lemons lemons lemons are free lemons for salad
or Greek fries or saganaki or spanakopita free lemons to juice
over life no lemonade no no sugar but lemons
over everything We the people We people
We the people who turned resumes
into an art form who demand patience
from waiters who drink thirty-two
calorie beer and expect it to taste
good We the economy on the verge of collapse
We the government
lying to its children
We the oceans drowning
birds fish tigers bears people
We the people We the corporations
owning land owning earth owning life
owning people We the people pretending
to love corporate warfare We the soldiers
dying for oil and greed We the poor soldiers
not knowing what we die for We the poor
whose children die too often
for nothing We the poor children
who must die or something
We the something which aches in the hearts
of mothers allowing tax cuts to starve more children
We the more We the hunger the hungry the starving We
the wanting the needing the empty hands and eyes and bellies
We the empty souls needing food We the empty bellies needing truth
We the truthseekers the people leftover the artists left alone
We the seekers the dreamers the Jesus Christs and John Lennons
the Buddahs and Muhammads We the monks priests nuns
of our ancestors forefathers We the forerunners of emptiness
We the new age of nothingness We the lost We the saved
We the baptized We the confirmed We the refused We the untouchables
We the water wind fire dirt sky We people of the earth
We the people of the people who prophesy sunlight daybreak dawn
apocalyptic ends means new beginnings open windows closed doors
We the apocalypse the horsemen the flames the saddles the nostrils
the chains the manes
We the dawn the sun the light
the fading moon the mist dew
flowers grass breeze yellow sky
We the orange We the red
We the rainbows pots of gold
clouds We the people
We the names
ages times we live in
times of now days and times
days of our lives days getting longer
shorter history days We the days
of you We the days of us We the us
imprisoned in small minds small bodies
too small places and buildings and times
We the people of Abraham and David and Mary
and Joseph and you We the people of our parents
of our children of our futures and pasts We the present
We the people of the present who prophesy the present who live
the present who work breathe eat the present We the poets prophets
dreamers of the present We the people of the moon

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