Friday, May 27, 2011

David Oates: from "Drunken Robins" (2011)

from Drunken Robins

(David Oates)

he teaches Logic and Ethics
never picked for jury

rushing by the scenic overlook—again

mountain drive --

winding and dipping,

climbing and braking, and then

Oh, God, a sign


bare kudzu vines swallow the tree

from under them, pale spring leaves

vacant lot --

in the grass,

small pecans

the sight of home’s hills
after a week at the beach
first swallow of wine

rusty old car
decorated today—

gray dawn,
motion-detecting porch light
flicks on
as a catbird hops

From the collection Drunken Robins (Brick Road Press, 2011), by David Oates. Oates writes: This is a collection of favorites from over twenty years’ accumulation of haiku and senryu, mostly written while living in rural Appalachia for 6 years and then Athens, Georgia for 16. I have tried to follow the precept of catching the crucial details of a moment that struck me, giving those to you without my specific reaction. In following the advice of Basho, I have not tried to write as if I were in medieval Japan, but rather have drawn inspiration from the nature and human nature I see around me.

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