Friday, April 1, 2011

National Poetry Month: poems, all kinds

Spring has sprung (at least the calendar says so) and April is the month for poetry. Today marks the beginning of National Poetry Month. provides a list of resources for fans of meter and rhyme, as well as for devotees of trochees, sestinas, limericks, haiku, sonnets, odes, epics, and the occasional iambic pentameter. Check in your local community for open mic events and more formal readings, and be sure to support your own community poets. "
Jubilate!" as Jonathan Williams, founder and earstwhile publisher of the Jargon Society would say. "There's lots more corn-bread in the kitchen!"

Poem In Your Pocket Day: Join thousands of individuals across the U.S. by carrying a poem in your pocket on April 14, 2011.

Poetry & the Creative Mind: Each April, The Academy of American Poets presents a star-studded celebration of American poetry.

30 Poets, 30 Days: Throughout each day during National Poetry Month, a selected poet will have 24 hours to tweet his or her daily insights before passing the baton.

Poem-A-Day: Great poems from new books emailed each day of National Poetry Month. Sign up for your daily dose of new poems from new spring poetry titles.

Spring Book List: Check out the new books of poetry available each spring.

Poem Flow for iPhones: Available through the iTunes store, this innovative mobile app features daily poems presented as both fixed and animated text.

National Poetry Map: Find out what is happening in your state by visiting our redesigned and updated National Poetry Map.

"Diddley Bow"
michael a michael

one string slider
bouncing twang
sound like meringue
blended with tambura
steady kickin' drum
harp blowin' blues
low bass dub
21st century blues
movement to the
other side
ain't no hiding place
the sound is right
in your face
no form in the way
sounds into cyberspace

("Diddley Bow" originally appeared at Literary Kicks.)

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