Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Andrew Zawacki tonight at Word of Mouth, Athens GA

Book-reading has its charms, but eventually everyone has to get out of the house and see real, live writers in their natural habitat. Upstairs tonight at The Globe in Athens, GA, the monthly Word of Mouth meeting is a good place to see local writers away from their desks and spotted with cocktail in hand, reading their latest news bulletins from the front lines. Here's a sample, by tonight's featured poet Andrew Zawacki.

Any Other Eviction, Than the Frequent

If it be warfare, let it be mistress
and midnight up that slope,
not reticent in a weather
of withdrawal, its salmon-roe tint,
the shabby grass it grazes

but varnished to richterline
under a prismatic glare:
delinquent churn of cloudswath
and gust, calving a foreshore filth
from its respiratory lunge:

inlaid verges blear kaleidoscopic,
larkspur and loosestrife splinter
and render afire, as frontiers to scour
or confiscate, and laving dark
these latent, these restive affronts:

I was in love with a river
and its recoil - water and whither
it went is a doctrine of veil,
applique to what angle of incident
little, what lightless, unhinge.

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