Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Word of Mouth celebrates one year

Put down the catalog and step away from the mall:

Cincinnati poet Mark Flanigan returns to the stage at Word of Mouth celebrating its first anniversary of readings tonight upstairs at The Globe (Athens, GA). He was the first featured reader in December 2009 -- the monthly first-Wednesday meet of authors and readers begins around 8 pm. For more Word of Mouth, there's a website posting of audio and writing at

Trade Down

Mark Flanigan

How did this happen? Who
gave birth to whom?

Whose wallet am I holding?
Whose I.D.?

Has anyone figured
anything out yet? Why

the sky’s blue, for instance,
or where time truly goes?

To think we share
so little space,

are faced with, outside,
so green a grass! Goodbye

to glasses, or look away,
we have served notice to meaning—

having jumped to safety
from over 100 flights up—

we will fall, like all civilizations have fallen,
with stubbornness instead of grace,

and last the day
because of it.

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