Monday, October 4, 2010

"Oconee River, Athens," by Felicia Mitchell

Photo of Felicia Mitchell (on the laptop) by Bunny Medeiros

Oconee River, Athens
by Felicia Mitchell

It has been a year now
since I saw a hawk
resting on a tree branch
overhanging the riverbank
while I walked at dusk
with an old friend who talked
about this bird and other hawks
and about kayaking the river

and about how brown water flows
from the Oconee to faucets in town,
pumped from a river’s basin
into our mouths, into my mouth,
where it can be as hard to shape words
to describe a hawk on a riverbank
as it is to spot a red-shouldered hawk
perched in a tree by a river in a city—

but sometimes words flow
like a river and you find
a hawk resting there.

"Oconee River, Athens" originally appeared in Blogging Along Tobacco Road in January, 2010.

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