Sunday, February 7, 2010

"White noise," a poem for February

White noise

Of course it's snow
that obliterates the day
and makes the meaning of time
what it is

stopped almost in its tracks
so it can be seen

passing by you

in silence

stand at the window

watch the absence of the sky

overtake the ground below

the beauty of it

drifting in window corners

the slow paralysis of time
overtaking your mind
and all in it

a white noise

making its way slowly

into this moment

stand at the window

press your hand on its cold pane

watch the time passing by you
until it rattles
the kettle in the kitchen

like a freight train

(M Bromberg)

photo : "1930s - Snow Storm, New York City Street Corner with Horse-Drawn Cart," by Walfred Moisio

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