Thursday, May 14, 2009

"About the Author": A birthday poem (5/31/1952)

About the Author

M. Bromberg

I know average stuff for my height
and I've learned some few things
I've even remembered a couple
that experience brings:
That if you're not careful
ether explodes with a spark,
and I know how to take
other folks' clothes off in the dark -- that's prety handy.

I know you can put your head through a windshield,
that it's not so easy jumping from trains,
and sooner or later you'll know someone
who decides to blow out their brains.
I met Little Richard at Cumberland Mall
who told me I ought to preach the Lord's call.
And it was more fun to be drunk
at the Stein Club on Peachtree
than to read about the D.T.s later
from Charles Bukowski

Oh, I almost forgot
Deacon reading at Tortillas and the White Dot --
I know you're still out there,
you big forget-me-not --
proclaimin' and bangin' that big iron shell
loud enough to drive the devil from hell
and every so often I can still hear you shout
"Lewis Grizzard I'm callin' you out!"

That's about it for now. In short
every one of us gets older
and if we're lucky to survive youth at all
we can try to be just a little bit bolder.



Anonymous said...

This is a great poem; warm *and* witty. Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

Hi dear Mark,
Hope you're doing well. I see from your email that you have moved to a temporary place in Ila. I don't know where that is. Is it a rural community, and, if so, will you miss the urban area? Or, are you a cyberman who calls cyberspace his home?
You have such a beautiful mind and I feel sure that you will do well. Please let me know how you are getting along.

Troy said...

Another work of quality! I bow to you and your sublime mastery of the English language.

Additionally, best of luck to you in the new, rural digs and may you have a very happy birthday celebration at month's end.