Sunday, November 23, 2008

A poem for Thanksgiving: "Chores"


M. Bromberg

Here in the last week of November 2008
the leaves have fallen from the trees

time to get out the rake
and comb the lawn's long grass
the sky is blue and cold as marble
it's turning colder by degrees
but the chores still have to be done

Thanksgiving's almost here
in the turning of a torturous year
that can hardly stand to watch the eleven o'clock news
the faces cracked and blue as stone

say the country's sinking by degrees

but the bills still have to be paid

How can anyone read a paper

listen to a radio watch the news
and endure what remains?
It's been eight long years

but these last few months before Inauguration

seem the longest of all

with change waiting in the wings

What happened to the twenty-first century

all its promise subtracted
by war and deceit
cover-ups and denials
an administration enamored of its own mistakes
willing to let the future wait
while they calculate the final bill

but not the cost of what remains

war debt encircling loss

dark despair in a cold month
How different it all will seem
in January 2009 on the Capitol's marble steps
to stand in the wind on a winter's day

and see the chores ahead to be done

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Anonymous said...

A really poignant piece that you wrote! Happy Thanksgiving.