Saturday, February 8, 2014

Neal Cassady (born February 8, 1926)

Neal Cassady

"We had this traditional, conventional home, and I think that's why Jack and Allen loved coming there. They were much more conventional than people think ...They never swore in front of mixed company, ever, and they would pull your chair and open car doors. They were all perfect gentlemen."
"They [the Merry Pranksters] treated him like a trained bear. Neal said he took any drug, any pill, anyone handed him. He didn't care. He was doing his damnedest to get killed. ... I didn't realise the two pillars of his support were the railroad job and being head of a family. He realised he would never become respectable, as he wanted, and he wanted to die." 
(Carolyn Cassady, in a 2011 Guardian UK interview, discussing her life with Neal in her memoir Off the Roadre-issued in 2008)

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