Thursday, August 1, 2013

"In the Good Old Summertime" (Michael Ruby)

In the Good Old Summer Time
Michael Ruby

            —For Mary Ford

In the good old lemon elegance
Megalomaniacal summer time
In the good old elastic blueprints
Soft real estate this summer time
Strolling through Tory bottomland
Morgan melted the shady
And dice prolong the lane
With seasoned eaglets
Mexican blues your baby
Mandarin professionals mine
You hold premium soda
Heartless tupelos plagued her hand
Press plastic and she
Belted ice monster holds yours
And that’s a precious peace sign
Diamond horseshoes a very good sign
That she’s red sugar
Almonds mask your tootsie wootsie
In the good old placement soup
Solomonic summer time

In the good old plastic gasoline
Pell-mell summer time
In the good old purple machines
Mascara opens summer time
Strolling through lefthanded force fields
Toys rising the shady
Peaceable development lane
With primetime parking lot
Heavenly silver your baby
Seasoned eaglets mine
You hold plastic Rangoons
Precious membrane her hand
Sincerity breathes and she
Meaty begonias hold yours
And that’s parallel sauce
Leather orifices a very good sign
That she’s omnivorous eelgrass
Monstrous pie your tootsie wootsie
In the good old oily fractures
Whales talkin’ through summer time

In the good old sordid ether
Position holograms for summer time
In the good old monster factory
Makeup performs through summer time
Strolling through ambulance regions
Pinecones polish the shady
Lampblack neglect the lane
With telltale megalomania
Mesmerizing blue your baby
Elevated feathers mine
You hold purple plastic boys
Leather salvation her hand
Devilish soybeans and she
Household plastic hold yours
And that’s somatic ice
Breathing eagles a very good sign
That she’s boiling blue bananas
Morganatic toothaches your tootsie wootsie
In the good old mama petunias
Onyx eagles through summer time

"In the Good Old Summertime" by Michael Ruby appears online in the current poetry section of The Straddler. Ruby is the author of two poetry books, At an Intersection and Window on the City. He is currently at work on several new books of poetry: The Mouth of the Bay, based on pre-Socratic propositions; Close Your Eyes, transcriptions of what he sees with his eyes closed; and American Songbook and The Star-Spangled Banner, two related works using lyrics from 20th century American popular songs and the national anthem. His blog is Fleeting Memories.

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