Wednesday, April 24, 2013

National Poetry Month: Frank Sherlock

"Oil Bottle Poems Found in Harry's Occult Shop"
(Frank Sherlock)

                    Lucky Root

                    Lucky Hand

                    Hi John Con

                    Lucky Black Cat

                    Oriental Love

                    Come to Me

                    True Love

                    French Love


                    Happy Marriage


                    Trust Me

                    You Me Forever


        G is for geometry

        G is everywhere

        G is glowing over

               Ben Franklin's shoulder

                    Quick w/ the dip

                & improv

                            in the shop 

                               the orgy in the lodge

                    of the 9 muses


            He watches us

                  in his apron wig & beaver

                                 If drag queens ruled the world

                no kabals no secrets

                                   the temple of solomon

                            could be re-imagined    differently

Conrad: "  We need to look at some
chocolate after  that  experience."  A
chocolate  ear  on a  plate  is  sold as
"The Mike Tyson Special."  A choc-
olate man I think is Teddy Roosevelt
is nobody, really. I'm seeing Masons

"Oil Bottle Poems Found in Harry's Occult Shop" by Philadelphia poet Frank Sherlock appears online at the poet's website. He is the author of Over Here (2008) and collaborated with poet CA Conrad on the book The City Real and Imagined (2010). In an online interview in Mad Poets Society, Sherlock commented after a struggle with meningitis: "Well, having the opportunity to have an outlook on life has done wonders for my outlook on life. I think about it less as a battle than a surf outing. Just without the water, the temptations, the sun, or the speedo. But I did have an assless gown in the hospital, which was less comfortable and even less flattering, if you can believe that. Surfing in a hospital bed in late January takes some imagination- or in this case, sick delusions & hallucinogenic painkillers."

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