Saturday, April 13, 2013

National Poetry Month: Aralee Strange

Aralee Strange

"Spelling It Out"
(Aralee Strange)

you enter through the start of something intuitive
it’s what stirs under every starry-eyed experience
lights with a breath you can’t help
the emerging narrative

you need some avid minds around
you need mass illusion and myth
time/space and detox
and in one miracle minute blinding light!
you can can write stuff
you maintain top safe speed momentum
you are all ova that mind reeling what if infusion
rising from uneasy dreams looking for your voice
the eye of unmitigated ramifications

step into the center
shall we dance?

in this corner in all black go-go coda
mouthing the words Out Loud
the one secret life you’ve been missing
boldly going where things are happening one more time

that far downtown

get a Ha-ha to survive the encounters with One Way
suffer all the turn-ons engaged in phony today
be quiet
who teaches you?

teeth on the real
saying grace
all you can see is resistance to the loss blooms at night
the deep breath hands-on muse pool magic hour sayonara
the essence of near intrepid rescues from the crowd

prepare to cave
frame by frame
admit one rude thing
get fiercely unstrung
Trust Jesus

no crybabies

if you’re lucky
bada bing bada bomb
you go mmmmmm
could be happy now

Originally from Birmingham, ARALEE STRANGE is a performer, poet, and literary libertine who has entertained audiences in many scenes -- and created a few literary scenes of her own from New York City to Athens, Georgia. One appreciation of Strange's undeniable energy calls it "chiropractics for the soul" -- the lightning bolt on her cheek is emblematic of her creative electricity: ""The pagan version of one of those saints that are supposed to protect true believers." She is the author of dr. pain on main, a play commissioned/produced by Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, and Etta Stone: A Film for Radio, which aired on National Public Radio. Strange also wrote, directed and edited This Train (2001) starring Soupy Sales. Her current project is Word of Mouth, a monthly poetry whirlygig held in Athens, Georgia, encouraging carpenters, academics, anarchists and the reticent to get up onstage, spill their drinks, and open a creative vein. (Photo by David Noah)

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