Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"The screen draws a hopeless biology," by Susurra

"The screen draws a hopeless biology"
by Susurra

The screen draws a hopeless biology

An image of an empty cleaner leaving downstairs
Why won't an idle client advertise?
The bath washes

An inevitable dinner tosses a converse arch

The adjusted approval flies against the clique
Chaos yawns beside a baroque goldfish.
Should the venal ascend beside a fairy chap?

Blood replaces the aesthetic virus

When can blood groan?
Blood scrolls outside the whole.
While bombs starve under blood

The roman censor motivates the subject

When a profitable constituent defines the contrary artwork
Blood dodges his winter inside a hysterical ladder
The soul battles the chemist

And the award spites love

The understood sarcasm treasures love
Love farms behind the sophisticate and pardons the soul
Can a war zone hate in the autumn?

Apologize into an unsuccessful fire

As an offhand antidote gangs a custom
The toad sounds like war behind a saint
An umbrella landscape contours a dated psychosis

Only after war pulses hate.

"The screen draws a hopeless biology" by the poet Susurra originally appeared at Levi Asher's Literary Kicks website in the Action Poetry section. A note from the poet explains: I was inspired by the winter haikus I saw on the wall of my kid's gradeschool and enjoyed their creativity and was a little awed by the simple beauty of the words from young minds. Humbled me a bit with my attempts at wise music, so I started playing around with a random word generator and slapped this down. While I thought the words sounded kind of fun, I realized randomly throwing words down sounded better than most of what I try. But then, maybe that's the message from the muse (or even Bukowsky? (sic), don't try so hard, just write. Who knows).

Image: Kachina Doll costumes from 1922, by Sophie Taeuber-Arp, from wood s lot.

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Anonymous said...

Huh. I wrote this on LitKicks last year and was surprised to find it on this site. Well, the picture attached to it is pretty cool and glad I can add to the appreciation of literature (with bad poetry, no less!). Good luck with the site...